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iFoot Scanner
  • iFoot Scanner

iFoot Scanner

Product Description:

  • Intelligent 3D scanning instrument for customized insole.  


  • - About 5-7 seconds to complete 3D foot scan. 

    - Intelligent biological force line detection testing equipment.

    - Structured-light scanning, harmless to human body.

    - One-button" scanning operation,no calibration required.

    - detecting automaticallysuch as soles of feet,foot plaster casts or footprint box.

Recommended instructions

  • Portable versions, with best cost performance, meet the requirements of full customized insoles system

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1 Function

Using laser scanning technology, detecting objects automatically, the soles of human feet, foot plaster casts or footprint boxes scanning applicable

Identifying obvious foot positions and measuring key sizes to generate 3D model data 

2 Technical Parameter

Scanning Time: > 5s

Equipment Dimensions(L*W*H):495x231x70mm

Measuring Area(L*W): 365x140mm

Net Weight: 4.7kg

Data Transmission: USB 2.0/USB 3.0

Load-bearing : 180kg

Generated File Format: STL/WRL/USL



3 Configuration

1 set of single foot 3D scanner

1 set of power cord

1 foot pedal (for scanner operation control)

4. Advantages:


Lightweight and easy to carry

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