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Thermoplastic Splint
  • Thermoplastic Splint

Thermoplastic Splint

Product Description:

  • Safe and environmental-friendly PCL materials  


    1. Latex-free , biodegradable and breathable.

    2. Low melting point(65°-70°),solid in normal temperature.

    3. Unique repairing function makes users revise the works easily.

    4. Widely applied in food and medical area, Affordable and reusable.

Recommended instructions

  • 1. Specially formulated for high rigidity and larger splint applications. 2. Available for Patient Immobilization systems in Radiation Oncology. 3. Effective in Thermoplastics for Orthosis and for Prosthetic sockets.

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  • Product info
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Thermoplastic Sheet

The low-temperature thermoplastic sheet is a special synthetic polymer polyester, a new type of medical material processed by a series of physical and chemical methods.It can be used for the manufacture of orthopedic bone external fixators, orthotics, and braces. After heated and softened, this material does not absorb radiation, besides, it has good shaping effect, unique shape memory function,easy to operate and fix. The low temperature thermoplastic sheet is currently the most ideal external fixation material in radiotherapy positioning.

Product Parameters:

                Product name: Low Temperature Thermoplastic Sheet

                Material: Synthetic Ploymer Polyester



                Length & Width: 920*610mm (Product can be cut)

                Thickness: 1.6mm/2.4mm/3.2mm/4.0mm

                Perforated Rate: 4%,12%,25%

                (Accept Customization)

                Color: White / Skin (Customized colors are available)

低温热塑版 拷贝

1604  1612

1625  2404

2412  2425

3204  3212

3225  4004

4012  4025

Product Features:

未标题-1 拷贝

01 Strong Plasticly

Put it in 60-70 degrees hot water, it can be completely transparent and softened, then you can stretch and use is easily.

未标题-2 拷贝

02 Memory Function

When you want to reshape the material, 

you can put it back to the 60-70 degrees 

hot water and soften it again. The material 

can be restored to the original size and

shape, then you can shape it again.

未标题-3 拷贝

03 Good breathability / Water proof

There are many meshes on the low temperature 

thermoplastic sheets to enhance skin ventilation, 

heat dissipation and perspire function, which can

prevent skin swelling and itching. Patients can 

take a bath at any time, that is conducive to 

improving the patient's quality of life.

未标题-4 拷贝

04 Light weight / No restraint sense

     Thin thickness / High strength

Low temperature thermoplastic sheet thickness

is 1.6-4.0mm, only 1/4 – 1/3 of the weight of 

gypsum, and is has high toughness, which is

not easy to damage or break.It’s safe and 

reliable to use. There will be no allergic 

reactions to patients'skin.

未标题-5 拷贝

05 Bonding Function

In the thermoplastic molding operation, the 

surface or cross-section of the low temperature 

thermoplastic sheet can be arbitrarily bonded.

It's easy for doctors to operate.

未标题-6 拷贝

06 Good X-Ray Permeability

During the re-examination, the patient can

take X-Ray with the low temperature 

thermoplastic sheet. The material will not 

weaken the X-Ray effect.


07 Easy to remove

When finished using the low temperature thermoplastic sheet, it can be cut by scissors easily.

未标题-8 拷贝

08 Environmental Friendly

Buried in the soil after using thermoplastic 

sheet, it can degrade naturally in 8-16 months.

Product Usage:

未标题-1 拷贝

Can be used for fixation after fracture and joint dislocation. It can also be used to fix soft tissue injuries such as joint ligaments, nerve tendon injuries and other surgical treatments.

未标题-2 拷贝

Can be used to fix joint deformities, nerve paralysis and tendon injuries after orthopedic surgery.

未标题-3 拷贝

Can be used to fix acute and chronic inflammation of joints and acute inflammation of limb soft tissues.

未标题-4 拷贝

Can be used for the fixation of bone, joint tuberculosis, acute and chronic osteomyelitis, suppurative arthritis, primary bone tumor, and malignant tumor bone metastasis during conservative treatment or after the removal of the lesion.

未标题-5 拷贝

Can be used for fixation after burns and other plastic surgery.

未标题-6 拷贝

Can be used to make rehabilitation braces and orthopedic braces.

未标题-7 拷贝

Can be used for fixation of radiotherapy positioning.

Operation Steps:

  1. Put the low temperature thermoplastic sheet into 60°C-70°C degrees hot water, when completely turn to t ransparent and softened, take it out.

  2. Put the completely transparent and softened material in a fixed position, stretch it by constant speed and fix the side strip on the fixing frame, then shape the human body partially. Keep it for 3-5 mins.

  3. After the molding completed, wait for 5-10 mins it can be completely hardened. If the indoor temperature is too high and the qualitative time is too long, it can be forcedly cooled and hardened by cooler. After the hardening and shaping is completed, remove the shaping mould then operation is done.

Precautions Steps:

  1. The water temperature in the constant temperature water tank should keep 60°C-70°C. When the material is completely turn to transparent, it means that it is completely softened then take it out.

  2. When the material is softened by heating, please do not take it out unless the material is completely turned to transparent.

  3. Do not use excessive force or fix it too tightly during shaping to avoid the patient's discomfort caused by the slight shrinkage of the material during cooling and hardening.

  4. When try to remolding, please clean up the material surface, then heat and soften the material again, when the material restored to original (flat) shape, you can molding again. Should not repeat molding too many times, avoid affect molding effect.

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