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Welcome teachers and students of Sun Yat-Sen University to visit iSUN Makerspace!



    The cause of COVID-19 has affected the resumption of classes in colleges and universities across the country. This year, the teachers and students of the School of Biomedical Engineering of Sun Yat-sen University came to iSUN Makerspace to participate in the learning of 3D orthopedic medicine knowledge later than in previous years. But it can not stop them interest in how the development of 3D technology is used in the field of orthopedic rehabilitation.



    This visit and learning mainly focused on the 3D industry background and pain points in the orthopedics field, and the potential and current development of 3D technology in this field. In addition to being able to observe the production process of orthopedic braces such as 3D printed insoles from zero distance, students also came into contact with 3D printing used in other industries, such as industrial high-precision parts and artworks, which attracted the attention of students.


    The students on site were also very enthusiastic to speak and ask questions, and showed immense curiosity about iSUN Makerspace. 3D technology seemed to open a new technological door for them. This learning exchange made the students realize the application of materials and how to cooperate with materials. 3D technology plays a role in knowledge of the principles of orthopedic rehabilitation.



    Finally, thanks again the teachers and students of the School of Biomedical Engineering of Sun Yat-sen University for being able to visit the iSUN3D makerspace. This visit has been well received by the teachers and students of the school. 



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