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iSUN3D [2020 R&OC] grand event, health customization assists rehabilitation medical care, the perfect closing

On September 6, the [2020 Guangzhou International Rehabilitation Equipment Exhibition] closed perfectly at the Guangzhou·China Import Commodities Fair Exhibition Hall.


    This exhibition is co-organized by Guangdong Provincial Physical Rehabilitation Center, Guangdong Industrial Injury Rehabilitation Center, Guangdong Mental Health Center and other institutions. It attracted a large number of giants in the rehabilitation medical industry. Looking back at the previous exhibition, it attracted people from mainland China, the United States, and France. 207 manufacturers from 18 countries and regions including Italy, Russia, Japan, South Korea, etc. participated in the exhibition. There were nearly 600 booths in the area. 14,139 buyers and professional visitors from 62 countries and regions visited the exhibition. The exhibition has increased the number of booths to 800, and the flow of people throughout the exhibition is also very hot.


    In recent years, the development of orthopedic insoles has made this product gradually get people attention, but at this exhibition, iSUN3D attracted many visitors through a complete set of systems with 3D wire printing technology.

    During the exhibition, we brought the complete set of insole system equipment, including the newly-added 3D Baropodometric Platform in the first half of this year, and the Zubangbang 3D scanner that cooperated with Alibaba Cloud to bring more comprehensive and better results to patients. 


    The registered foot orthopedist of the company at the exhibition also participated in the exhibition, diagnosed and designed insoles for the people on-site, people can see how the system can help and alleviate the patient's foot problems through 3D technology. And iSUN3D also brought this year's newly developed double-station insole printer to show everyone the productive process.










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