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1 Training Support

Training on scanning, design, printing and post processing ,product use and operationmarketing strategy. Training and guidance on business & market promotion. Training on foot rehabilitation.

2 Material Support

iSUN3D will provide the existing promotion leaflets, PPT introduction, video introduction, display samples etc.. And new promotion materials will be added in the future, so that ensure sustainable development.

3 Traffic Support

The traffic obtained from various marketing activities con ducted by iSUN3D will be diverted to specific products’distributors.

4 After-sales Support

A complete after-sales service system.iSUN3D has a professional team who offer after-sales service and maintenance support.

5 Diagnosis and Design Support

iSUN3D set up a professional orthopedic insole diagnosis and design center, applying for various business qualifications. iSUN3D design brand image for marketing promotionand ensure distributors have professional ability to develop the market.

6 Custom Service and Exhibition Support

iSUN3D can offer ODM or OEM service on our 3D printing customized insoles system. And iSUN3D can assist distributors to attend the related exhibition.

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