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3D Printing Customized Insoles System

   iSUN3D 3D printing customized insole system is eSUN specially designed for the foot health care industry. It is an intelligent solution to help you enhance your foot data measurement accuracy and improve your work efficiency. The system includes: a 3D scanner, a gait sensor board, an insole design software, a duplex 3D printer, and TPU filament.


Foot Scanning


iFeet 3D Foot Scanner


3s complete double full feet scan

11 sets of high-definition cameras

Generate foot 3D model data and 2D images

Over 30 foot key data displayed on the foot report 

Wifi transportation


Gait AnalysisGait Analysis


Static Gait Analysis

Dynamic Gait Analysis

Acquisition Frequency: 400Hz

Connection Interface: USB 2.0 /Bluetooth

Number of Sensors: 4 units/cm²


Insole Designing:


iSole CAD-Suitable for professional person 

Platformized Design Center

Automatic Analysis & Design

Professional Foot Orthopedics Diagnosis

Isun CAD-Suitable for everyone

Automatic Analysis

Comprehensive Design

Four modules included: 


Insole 3D Printing


Normal printing speed is 80mm/s, highest 120mm/s

Two insoles can be printed independently at the same time

Only 30-60mins to print a pair of adult insoles



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