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The complete 3D printing solutions for full custom insoles manufacturing

3D foot scanner/gait sensor board/design software/3D printer / insoles filaments

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Provide complete rehabilitation medical solutions based on 3D printing.

Focus on customized health solutions.

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Health application solutions based on samrt manufacturing

3D Printing Customized Insole System

By building an information platform, the isolated information of various medical institutions is colluded to realize the role change from a single doctor to the patient to the entire community to the patient. The doctor can autonomously judge and mobilize the resources of the service body. Doctors can turn to large hospitals to help diagnose the disease, or they can smoothly refer patients who need to be referred to large hospitals to the large hospitals. Such information sharing makes the functions of township hospitals and clinics more complete.
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Practitioner of 3D printing health solutions

iSUN3D Tech(ShenZhen) CO.,LTD.

iSUN3D Tech (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. was established in 2007, specializing in the business of customized rehabilitation medical solutions. The company has independent R&D, design, production,and sales 3D print customized rehabilitation medical solutions’ ability. The company main purpose is to improve people's living standards and provide clients with high-quality customized rehabilitation medical products and services.

As a partner of Alibaba Cloud, the company shares with Alibaba Cloud in terms of market, business, and foot problem case information. The company enjoys Alibaba Cloud's big data resources and specializes in providing customized rehabilitation medical solutions based on 30 printing cloud computing.


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