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Created as a professional 3D printing medical application
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Product Description:

  • Duplex position, 3.5 inch HD touch screen  

Material benefits:

    1. High precision industrial grade ball screw.

    2. Positioning accuracy up to 0.025mm.

    3. Optical limiter and durable.

    4.   8 mm thick metal plate frame.

Recommended instructions

  • 1. Duplex position, two insoles can be printed independently at the same time. 2. The forming time of a pair of insoles is 30-50 minutes. 3. Printing insoles with different softness for different patients. 4. Supporting breakage detection, Smooth Printing Surface. 5. Supports continue the last assignment function, no post-processing after molding.

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iSUN FLX2 Double-Station high-speed flexible 3D printer


iSUN3D Equipment Series


High-Speed Flexible 3D Print

Maximum flexible printing speed is 80mm/s


- Double Station, Two insoles can be printed independently at the same time;

- Only 40-60mins to print a pair a adult insoles;

- Double E axis motors, spinning

- 3.5 inches HD touch screen;

- Support continue the last assignment function;

- High precision imported parts, products smooth surface;

1603938975c746ff.png  Station Size

200x300x200mm  X2

Can print the maximum 51 yard insoles

    Fit for lots of different hardness materials:

    eLastic        TPE        83A

    eFLex          TPU       87A

    Hytrel-40D TPEE      40D

    eTPU-95A   TPU       95A

    eTPU-98A   TPU       98A

    Hytrel-60D  TPEE     60A

3.5寸高清触控屏    高精度工业级滚珠丝杠

            3.5 inches HD touch screen                High precision industrial

                                                                              Grade ball screw

高精密镀银线轨    光学限位器

     High Precision silver plated wire rail   Durable Optical Travel Switch



Station   Size


(Per   Station)

Input   Voltage

AC100-220V,   50/60Hz

Machine   Size


Output   Power


Extrusion   Head

Short and Long two Motors

Heat   up Station

Support   0-100, Adjustable

Operating   Mode

3.5   inches LCD capacitive touch screen

Extruder   Temperature

175-260 Adjustable

Structural   Material

Metal   frame structure

Printing   Speed


Layer   Thickness


Extrusion   Head Size

0.4/0.6/0.8/1.0(default   0.8)

Supported   Material Types

PLA,   ABS, TPU, etc.

Authentication   Type


Support   file formal

STL,   OBJ, G-Code



Leveling   Method

Manual(Leveled   before outgoing from factory)

Operating   Software

Cura,   Simplify3D

Positioning   Accuracy

X,   Y axis direction: 0.11mm; Z axis direction 0.025mm.

Extrusion   hot end

Air   cooling, thermistor temperature control


Molding Case


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