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3D Customized insoles solution

3D Customized insoles solution

    The iSUN3D custom orthopedic insole system is mainly composed of four modules, Evaluation Module, Scanning Module, Design Module and Printing Module.

Evaluation Module

iSUN3D Baropodometric Platform

    iSUN3D Baropodometric Platform using Italian advanced technology, the only software in the world with complete gait and motion analysis. The platforms divided into three parts, easy to carry, and provide detailed gait information, suitable for professional scenes.


-Real time collection frequency up to 500Hz;

-4 gold-plated sensors per square centimeter;

-Maximum acquisition frame: 200fps;

-Detailed evaluation report;

-Provide rich data;


    Patients are required to take off their shoes, wear socks, and walk 10-15 meters back and forth on the Baropodometric Platform with normal gait. The pressure measuring instrument measures the pressure of the both feet of the patient. The data collection and analysis by software iSUN STEP 2.75, choose the most stable walking gait to analyze.

Scanning Module

iSUN Zu Bangbang 3D Scanner

    Zu Bangbang 3D Scanner which is iSUN3D cooperated with Alibaba DAMO Academy to develop. 11 sets of cameras scan all-round 3D data of the patient's foot. Zu Bangbang 3D scanner can automatically transmit the data to the internet.

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-Scan both feet at the same time, complete the scanning operation within 2 seconds;

-Automatically calculate dozens of key foot parts data;

-Automatically generate a complete 3D model, can output STL/WRL, etc. without calibration;

-Full process automation;


    Patients are required to take off their shoes and socks, and use a 3D foot scanner to obtain 3D data of both feet in the weight-bearing position and half-bearing position. At the same time, obtain the information of the foot size in the two postures, the angle of the lower limb force line, the thumb valgus condition, the arch coefficient, the pictures of the angles of the foot, and the 3D model of the foot. Prepare for the customized design.

Design Module:

iSUN CAD Design Software

    The iSUN CAD software customized by the Dutch software team is used to automatically generate a fully-fitting insole based on the 3D data of the foot, The software is simple to operate and easy to use. It can be used proficiently after about one month of training for doctors and orthopedists.


-Design input data includes: 3D, 2D and footprint box;

-Four types of design: Full contact type, orthopedic insole, podiatry insole, sole design;

-Free adjustment in the whole area + module adjustment;

-The output design documents have 3D printing and 3D engraving formats, and the required printing documents are generated according to requirements。


    iSUN CAD Design Software easy to operate, professional podiatry module + arbitrary shape adjustment. Built-in dozens of professional podiatry treatment modules, which can be selected and adjusted at will

Printing Module

iSUN FLX2 Dual-Station High-Speed Flexible 3D Printer

    iSUN3D developed the FLX2 dual-station high-speed flexible 3D printer in 2020. Compared with the previous generation, the new generation printer has dual platforms and can print two insoles(a pair of insoles) at the same time. It uses high-precision imported parts, no post-processing after molding.


-Dual Station, two insoles can be printed independently at the same time;

-Maximum flexible printing speed: 80mm/s;

-Double E axis motors, spinning evenly, no material blocking.;

-3.5 inches HD touch screen;

-Support continue the last assignment function;


    Use bacteriostatic thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer-bacteriostatic TPU material faster high-speed flexible printer to print the 3D main body part, and achieve aseptic printing under ultraviolet irradiation conditions.

    Through different hardness materials and multiple hardness structures, each area can be divided into different hardness by function, and the hardness range can reach Shore A 30-90. The 3D partial printing of a pair of adult customized insoles only takes 30-50 minutes.

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